The GUARDIAN is the Duty/Carry Trigger System you want When the shot counts. Made from 100% OEM parts. All metal parts are professionally polished to a high “Mirror Finish” for the best possible function. You will get improved super smooth take up that stacks into a nice firm wall. The break is crisp and clean with a quick positive reset.

Used by experienced Military and LE veterans with years of real world experience.
Put the Guardian in one of the new FDE Glock 17s…love it. You can quote me on this one….”If you want a great Glock trigger, the Guardian Trigger is as good as it gets.”
Ken Hackathorn Special thanks to Ken from us at GlockTriggers. Ken is an Icon in the Industry and one of the best Trainers/Consultants on the planet.

For Duty/Carry Use

All metal components are hand polished to a mirror finish.


  • Smooth Trigger w/ Trigger Bar / OEM / modified & polished
  • Trigger Housing w/ Ejector / OEM polished
  • Minus Connector / OEM polished
  • Trigger Spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin spring / OEM polished
  • Firing pin safety spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin Safety / OEM polished
  • Spring cups / OEM